Ways to step out and stand out!
Ways to step out and stand out!

Long gone are the days when the fellas just blended in a crowded room and let the ladies steal all the shine.  In the 2K14, the men are doing it bigger, bolder and brighter than ever.

Blue suit, white shirt, black shoes; no can do! Today’s modern man has discovered the world of accessorization and is utilizing it to maximize his look and stand out in a crowd.

Such utilization is being implemented with the donning of designer eyewear, cable bracelets;  both silver and leather, paisley and checkered bowties, sleek pocket squares, polka dot socks, designer monogram belts with large chrome and/or black buckles and lastly but far from least; fabulous footwear.

Fabulous footwear for the fellas these days is serious business!  Depending on the ensemble, the gentleman may add an exclamation point with a loafer displaying a loud pop of color, a spiked or studded moccasin, a two-toned pair of hush puppies or a patent leather high top boot.  Other popular choices the gentleman may include may be a low top Converse brand deck shoe or he may wish to accentuate his athleticism in a three-quarter pair of Air Jordans, a multicolored LEBRON  inspired basketball shoe, or a cool,  thong style sandal, if weather permits.

So, watch out ladies! Don’t expect your man or any other man at the party to be a fashion wallflower anymore.  We’re dressing up and stepping out because we have learned that you must  ACCESSORIZE TO MAXIMIZE!

*photo credits to Getty Images, The Carraway Concept

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