SMOOTH AS VELVET…the velvet blazer is the new Black!

LL COOL J, Anthony Hamilton, Macklemore (l. to r. top), yours truly, CED the PR KING (bottom right)

Over the years, mens’ fashion has taken several turns;  some for the better and some for the absolute worst.  It has gone from the suited and booted times of the Temptations in the 1960’s, to the wide legged “bell bottom” jeans and slacks;  coordinated with tight fitting rayon printed shirts in the ’70’s.

The 80’s brought us the infamous “Hammer Pants”,  adopted by bodybuilders and wrestlers as their own, along with oversized leather bomber jackets, gold chains and COOGI knit sweaters.

The 90’s ushered in big hair, baggy jeans, printed vests and denim overalls.   Whew, thank goodness we made it through that!

Our current decade, the 2000’s, is nearing the midpoint and there IS hope and new life in mens’ fashion. What started out as the designer jeans and t-shirt era has evolved into a period of edgy, yet high level swag.

This brings us to the well dressed gentleman’s wardrobe staple for that evening out with your lady or man;  the velvet blazer!

The velvet blazer, while not new, but reincarnated, has become the clothing article of choice to give the fellas that extra level of swag on the red carpet, on stage, at that fancy dinner date, or star studded concert.  The 2014 velvet blazer comes in many colors and varied styles;  including but not limited to satin lapels, leather trimmed pockets and slim fit for a more snug appearance to accentuate that physique you spend  6 days in the gym perfecting.

The velvet blazer is best accentuated with a solid colored dress shirt and a bowtie with patent leather shoes.  Lastly and most importantly, there are several designers currently offering this style blazer as a seperate, and under many different price points to accommodate your budget.

So fellas, the next time you need an outfit to WOW the crowd, I, CED the PR KING, strongly urge you to purchase a velvet blazer.  Assuredly, all eyes will be on you!

JIMMY’Z KITCHEN Wynwood makes lunch fresh & fun again!

Jerk Chicken Salad and Club Panini
Jerk Chicken Salad and Club Panini

Located in the casual, but chic art corridor known as Wynwood Miami, is a quaint and fabulous lunch and dinner spot called JIMMY’Z KITCHEN.  The loft style interior and super sunny floor to ceiling glass panes offer an overdose of sunshine to brighten your day.

Their menu offers many fresh and healthy lunch choices including, but not limited to paninis, sandwiches, soup and salads; in addition to vegan selections as well as creative entrees of the popular mofongo cuisine.  My personal favorite, over many visits, is the Jerk Chicken Salad.

When searching for that next “in” spot to impress your friends and/or coworkers for lunch, take em down to JIMMY’Z KITCHEN WYNWOOD for a fun, fresh lunch where you can get full, people watch and be fabulous at the same damn time!